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US Infotech Solutions offers a rewarding work experience for IT professionals of all environments.

We offer competitive benefits, an atmosphere of self-improvement, and a team-based corporate


Professional Development

At Infotech, one of our biggest principles is the endeavor for continuous professional development. We encourage our employees to grow and learn as they develop their career. Whether this be through internal training programs, professional certifications, or leadership development, we believe that the happiest and most fulfilled employees are those who are motivated to improve their knowledge and skills.


Infotech offers its full-time employees a comprehensive and competitive benefits package, as we believe that the best employees deserve the best care our company can provide. Our benefits include:

  • Medical Insurance

  • Dental Insurance

  • Vision Insurance

  • Life Insurance

  • Long- and Short-term Disability

  • 401(k) Plans with Company Matching

  • Performance Bonuses

  • Publication Incentive Bonuses

Informative Interview
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